Utilizing state-of-the-art Radalink Telemonitors we furnish our customers with an independently-analyzed report of the radon levels in their home. We place the monitors and send the data to Radalink and they provide a detailed report. The readings cannot be influenced by us or the home occupant without detection. 
 If radon levels are elevated in a structure we custom design a mitigation system that most effectively meets the customers expectations. System designs vary according to construction features of the individual structure. Radon levels are measured after system installation to assure effectiveness.  The workmanship in these systems is guaranteed for the life of  the structure. Our goal is to design the system to achieve the lowest radon level possible!
 During construction of  the structure, we install a passive radon system that is enclosed and aesthetically desirable. Upon construction completion, radon levels are measured. If levels are elevated, components are easily added to make the system active until safe radon levels are achieved.
 Agents and homeowners: Don't let high radon levels found during inspection hamper your deal. Contact us any time for fast reliable service. Next-day service available. We guarantee quality, effectiveness, and speed in our service to you.
SFS Air Quality LLC